Counter Flow Heat Exchanger

Counter Flow Heat Exchanger

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Product Details

We supply counterflow air to air heat exchanger core.

Product Description

Air to air heat exchanger core is made of special fibrous paper or aluminum core, which have high moisture permeability, anti-rends, anti-mildew features; with ABS framework, which is not easy to break, long service time, pro-environment; with galvanized sheet cover plate and plastic handle.

Working principle:

Two air streams are forced cross enter into the heat exchanger, temperature and humidity exchange from the paper, so as to recover energy and achieve the energy saving


1. Made of special fibrous paper or aluminum, with high moisture permeability, good air-tightness, anti-rends, aging resistance, anti-mildew

2. ABS framework, beautiful, not easy to break, long service time, pro-environment, good impermeability, ensure the intensity and tightness of structure, reduce back flow

3. Rectangular channel, reasonable plate distance,less interior brace, small on-way resistance, less air loss, ensured the maximum heat exchanger area, achieved to maximum efficiency

4. No moving parts, and low maintenance cost

5. Compact structure, small volume, suitable for various occasions

6. Can use the vacuum cleaner purify the dust and foreign bodies on the devices, easy to use andmaintenance.

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