Aluminum Condenser

We major on finned tube aluminum condenser for fan coil unit, air conditioner, auto air conditioning, etc.
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We specializing in the production, research and development of various kinds of rail transit air conditioning, automotive air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, communications environment control system , marine and industrial cooling systems and other special air-conditioning equipment heat exchanger business.

We could supply different tubes

 Copper, stainless steel, aluminum, hot dipped carbon steel, titanium
 5mm, 7mm, 5/16, "3/8", 12mm, 5/8"
 Smooth, smooth, thick walls, grooves, and extra depth (deeper recesses)
 Connect to several circuits available

Our product pictures

tube fin evaporator (13).jpg

Finned tube Aluminum condenser coil

tube fin evaporator (12).jpg

Copper condenser coil

1-1coil (6).jpg

L shape condenser

Our advantage:

  1. High quality raw material( good qulaity pipe and fin)

  2. Leading technology,VRcooler learn and delevop high effeciency heat exchanger coil. 

  3. Advanced production technology, each heat exchanger need multi process, from raw material 

    procuement to finished products, each link to ahcieve excellence.

  4. Strict testing, we have strict quality control system to ensure no leakage

Our goal is to achieve success in the market through excellent customer service, quality commitment, competitive price and punctual delivery.

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