Chiller Condenser Coil

Chiller condenser coil is a main heat transfer parts for chiller
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Technical specification of chiller condenser coil

1. Corrugated or flat fin.

2. Copper tube using high purity seamless copper tube, long life, no easy to crack corrosion

3. Cooling coil frame end plate made of high quality steel plate, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy to assembly.

Features of chiller condenser coil:

1. The unique cross-tube mode ensures that the entire coil is evenly distributed in the windward area.

2. Fins and copper pipe connected by the mechanical upswing or high pressure hydraulic upswing to ensure close contact, play the best heat transfer effect

3. Fin spacing is variable, reducing the cryogenic system coil frost accumulation.

4. Inner loop according to the design flow rate needs, using single, double return system, with small water resistance, and good heat exchange performance

5. All coils heated by high temperature vacuum drying operation, to ensure that there is no impurity in the cavity water.


Structural parameters of chiller condenser coil:

1. Pipe diameter: 9.52mm, 12.75mm, 15.88mm

2. The shape is mostly straight type, and it can also be made into L-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped. 

3. The fins can be ordinary aluminum foil, hydrophilic aluminum foil or copper foil. 

4. The length of the ultra-long condenser plate manufactured by Vrcooler is more than 13 meters.

Regardless of the shape of the condenser, no matter how long the condenser is used mechanical expansion process, to ensure the heat transfer performance.

Our company can design the condenser coil according to the condensing temperature, ambient temperature, cooling capacity, compressor power and other parameters provided by the customer and perform the thermal performance index.

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