R22 Evaporator Coil

R22 Evaporator Coil

Liquid should be for water, glycol, R22, R410A, R404C, ammonia, co2 etc
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We specializing in the production: v type condenser, fin type condenser, steam radiator, U-type condenser, dual system evaporator, radiator, evaporator, cooling coil, heat exchanger, cold water coil, hot water coil, fin heat exchanger, fin evaporator, steam coil and other products.


Liquid should be for water, glycol, R22, R410A, R404C, ammonia, co2 etc.

My company can be customized according to customers requirements. Has the following characteristics.

Evaporator have flat type and V type, could supply fin evaporator for Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Daikin, Carrier, York, McQuay, Tioga, Gree and other air conditioning evaporator which are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards, its The secondary flanging, multiple flanging, broken technology are the latest international technology, 

V type evaporator copper tube with small diameter tube or ribbed tube, to ensure that all products are highly efficient , energy saving, environmental protection, anti-fouling ability, the highest durability requirements. V-fin evaporator can be based on the special requirements of customers and a separate design and manufacture of various non-standard condenser and evaporator.

Fin evaporator features:

1, Refrigerant coil vacuum drying operation by high-temperature heating to ensure that there is no impurities within the cavity water exists.

2, Frame end plate made of high-quality steel, high strength, corrosion resistance, assembly and assembly easy.

3, Loop according to the design flow rate needs, the use of single, double return system, water resistance, heat exchange performance.

4, Ffins and copper pipes by mechanical or ultra-high pressure hydraulic tube up to ensure close contact, play the best heat transfer effect.

5, Copper tube with high purity seamless copper tube, long life, easy to crack corrosion

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