Stainless Steel Condenser Coil

Stainless Steel Condenser Coil

Stainless steel tube Aluminum, copper, stainless steel fin
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Stainless steel condenser coil

The product has the advantages of light weight, close contact with the fins and stainless steel pipes, good heat transfer performance and air flow performance, and its performance has reached the advanced level. It is suitable for water cooled and cooling systems (also can be used in steam and hot water heating systems ) Suitable for centralized cooling, heating air heat exchanger, so widely used in heating, cooling air conditioning, washing and drying equipment, dehumidification project.

Condenser coil tube material can be galvanized steel pipe,brass or stainless steel tube, fin can be ordinary aluminum foil,also hydrophilic aluminum foil;end shields can be galvanized sheet also can be stainless steel.

Parts of Stainless steel condenser coil:

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How to use this stainless steel condenser coil

1. Should be set up special bracket, not allowed to use header to support the cooler.

2. Water supply, backwater piping should have good insulation measures to reduce heat 

loss or avoid pipe frost.

3. Cold and hot water pipes should be set at the highest point of discharge, 

the lowest point should be set drainage. If you do not use in winter, 

the remaining water should be depleted, so as not to freeze and cracked copper tube.

4. In water, does not allow sand, rust, fiber and other impurities.

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