Charge Air Cooler for Gas Generator Set

Charge Air Cooler for Gas Generator Set

Charge air cooler for Gas generator set
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Product Details

Charge air cooler for Gas generator set

Product features:

1 Self-developed thermal calculation program to be more accurate and faster;

2 Nearly 63 kinds of heat exchanger components to meet a variety of working conditions; company specific design of the elliptical finned tube to a greater extent to reduce the resistance drop, in the cooling performance and flow capacity to achieve an optimal balance;

3 Special structural design to avoid resonance; compact design, easy installation;

4 According to customer requirements, can provide different diameter and material cooling pipe and fin. Achieve the best heat transfer in a space with minimal pressure drop.

The process characteristics

1 The core components of the fin stamping can ensure that the pitch, pitch error less than 0.01mm;

2 Strict inflation process to ensure that the heat transfer performance between the tube and fin ;

3 Mature and stable pipe and tube plate expansion process to ensure the use of sealing conditions under the reliability;

4 Mature end header spray process to meet the customer's anti-corrosion requirements.

Main product applications

2-stroke diesel engine, stroke diesel engine, gas generator set, large air compressor.

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