AC Evaporator Coil

AC Evaporator Coil

Heat transfer tube material: copper tube, aluminum tube, stainless steel tube, copper nickel, titanium
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The main products are air cooled fin condensers, AC evaporator coil, evaporators,heat exchangers.

Company's products are divided into: flat-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped, V-shaped, arc-shaped condenser.


Company product uses: widely used in air conditioning, heat pump (1P/1.5P/2P/3P/4P/5P...50P), refrigeration, dehumidification, purification, heat recovery, energy saving products, cold storage and other occasions that need heat exchange, powerful design capabilities and test equipments contribute to the development and quality assurance of domestic and foreign customers' products.


Product size: Vrcooler does not set its own fixed size, according to the requirements of customers to manufacture pipe diameter from 5mm,7mm, 9.52mm, 12.7mm to 15.88mm, 

In accordance with the requirements of customers in various forms, to meet the individual requirements of each customer, according to various types of special requirements can be customized a variety of special heat exchangers.


Heat transfer tube material: copper tube, aluminum tube, stainless steel tube


Fin material is divided into: aluminum fins and copper fins.


The anti-corrosion properties of the fins are successively increased: light foil (ordinary fin) - blue hydrophilic aluminum fins - black epoxy phenolic fins - gold fins - copper fins - Tinned copper fins, etc., to meet different levels of anti-corrosion requirements.


Fin form: flat, corrugated and windowed.


The medium used includes: Freon, water, carbon dioxide, freezing liquid, glycol, etc. 

The design pressure can reach 8Mpa.

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