Air Evaporator

Air Evaporator

R134A/R404A/R407C/R410A air evaporator coil Manufacturer
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R134A/R404A/R407C/R410A air evaporator coil Manufacturer

Air evaporator is another kind of exchanger, in which refrigerant is changed from liquid to gas. This process will cool the evaporator and make refrigeration, air conditioning and dehumidification possible. The evaporator temperature of the air conditioner is about -26 degree C ~ -20 degree C, the temperature of the air conditioner is about 5 degrees C ~ 8 degrees C.


Because of the high quality copper tube and aluminum fins, it has high heat transfer coefficient. The shell has excellent corrosion resistance after degreasing, rust removal, phosphating, passivation, spraying and drying.

The reasonable design of products and the strengthening treatment of all supporting end plates will help to extend and simplify installation.

The automatic forming process ensures that the copper tube is dry and clean inside. The close combination of aluminum fins and copper tubes achieves good heat transfer effect.

Circuit design can prevent pressure loss. Multi loop cross diffusion helps to achieve better cooling effect.

The famous brand fan with stable quality has excellent heat dissipation and low noise (V condenser).

After the 2.6MPa tightness test, the coil meets the requirement of tightness.

The whole series of products meet the heat dissipation requirements of various power compressors.

Custom services (specific materials, space) are available. This product is widely used in refrigeration units, refrigerating units and industrial refrigeration units.


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