Evaporator On Air Conditioner

Evaporator On Air Conditioner

The evaporator is the main components on air conditioner.
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The evaporator is an important part of important components such as compressors, condensers and expansion devices in the refrigeration system. The reason for cooling is to remove heat from air, water or other substances.

Liquid refrigerant expands and evaporates here. It acts as a heat exchanger, transferring heat from the cooled material to the boiling temperature.

There are two types of EVAP:

The forced convection type uses a fan or pump to force the liquid to cool on the EVAP.

The natural convection liquid is cooled and flows naturally to EVAP. Due to the difference in density of frozen and warm liquids.

Evaporator on air conditioner structure type

There are three types of EVAP. The commonly used structure:

Bare tube and plate surface structures have the entire surface in contact with the evaporative refrigerant.

The fin structure is a bare tube coil with fins mounted (the metal plate is usually aluminum). A more detailed discussion of this type of design will be provided here.

Evaporator on air conditioner design factors

There are three main factors to consider when designing EVAP.

Drop EVAP. There must be enough room for refrigerant circulation without too much pressure drop between the outlet and the inlet.

Increase the temperature. There must be enough surface heat to absorb the required heat load to ensure that the temperature difference between the cooled material and the refrigerant is not excessive.

Liquid and refrigerant vapor EVAP. There must be enough space for liquid refrigerant and steam and liquid separation.

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