Mini Evaporator Coil

Mini Evaporator Coil

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Product Details

Condensers and mini evaporator coil determine the effectiveness of the machine's cooling capacity 

and make its best work involves a lot of complex science. At Vrcooler we devote a lot of energy to every 

detail to maximize work efficiency. Our ongoing research and superior engineering allow us to make the 

coils and condensers the best.

Specification of mini evaporator coil

Materials   Copper tube aluminum fin,   galvanized plate  
Tube O.D.   7mm. 7.94mm, 9.52mm, 12.7mm     etc.  
Aluminum fin   Hydroponic fin or bare fin  
Fin type   Flat fin, Window fin, wave fin   etc.  
Fin space   Varied  
Special   Epoxy coating, gold fin,   e-coating, blygold  

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