Titanium Evaporator Coil

Titanium Evaporator Coil

15.88 titanium tube
Titanium fin or aluminum fin
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Advantage of titanium evaporator coil:

1.  Light weight

2. Superior mechanical properties

3. High strength, tensile strength of pure titanium up to 180kg / mm2

4. Good heat resistance, low temperature toughness and fracture toughness.

5. Good corrosion resistance

6. Due to the high corrosion resistance of titanium, the lifetime of the titanium evaporator coil is long and the maintenance costs are low during use. 

7. Small size and high heat transfer capacity

Application of titanium evaporator coil

1. Seafood farming

2. Sea water heat exchange

3. Salt water heat exchange

4. Chemical industry, 

5. Food Industry,

6. Medicine

7. Metallurgy

8. Refrigeration

9. Electroplating industry

10. Salt making

11. Papermaking

12. Ultrasonic

13. Offshore industry

14. Central heating and other industries and fields.

More pictures of our titanium evaporator coil export to Denmark, with titanium tube titanium fin

condenser (5).jpg

condenser (14).jpg


titanium heat exchanger (1).jpg

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