Universal Evaporator Coil

Universal Evaporator Coil

Vrcooler's universal evaporator coil have extensive experience and professional service markets, we provide the highest quality products.
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Production evaporators are suitable for varied manifolds and distributors that allow a custom fit for your application.

We manufacture high quality evaporator coils for a variety of applications ranging from comfort cooling and dehumidification industrial and commercial processes and designs to meet a wide range of temperatures, from air conditioning to cold applications.

The universal evaporator coil are essentially the same, but they use the refrigerant as a working fluid and require different valve arrangements. Coils can be used for central systems or catheter applications and can be made with 

aluminum or copper fins and galvanized or stainless steel shells.


Physical PropertiesNameUniversal evaporator coil 
MaterialCopper   tube, aluminum foil, hydrophilic foil, galvanized steel plate
Tube DiameterØ5mm   / Ø6.35mm/Ø7mm / Ø7.94mm / Ø9.52mm /Ø12mm / Ø12.7mm/Ø15.88mm
Fin spaceAdjustable   according to customer's request
Coloraluminum,   copper, blue, golden, black
HousingHousing   is available according to customer's requests
ApplicationWidely   used in Refrigerator, Air conditioning, freezers, freezer car, Air curtain,   freeze 
ProcessCutting   material->elbow->punching-> expanding->degreasing->welding   ->assembly-> leak test->bending->testing->packaging
Pls   kindly note: We are able to make specific design according to each customer's   requirements.

Production process:

production process 3.jpg

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