Copper Tube Bundle

Copper Tube Bundle

Vrcooler produces high-efficiency heat exchange, tubes made of copper, carbon steel, titanium, and stainless steel tube bundle.
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Vrcooler produces high-efficiency heat exchange, tubes made of copper, carbon steel, titanium, and stainless steel, various bimetal composite aluminum fin tubes, steel and stainless steel bellows, and various air-cooling and water-cooling heat exchanger required by petrochemical, metallurgy, and electric power industries. 

Copper tube bundle is one of the shell-and-tube heat exchangers which is a petrochemical equipment consisting of main parts such as the tube box, shell and tube bundles, and its name derives from its U-shaped heat exchange tubes. 

Advantage of Copper tube bundle:

1. The characteristics of this type of heat exchanger is that the tube bundles can be freely expanded and contracted, no thermal stress is generated due to the temperature difference between the shells and tubes, and the thermal compensation performance is good. The tube process is dual-tube, the flow is longer, the flow velocity is higher, and the heat transfer performance is better. 

2. The pressure bearing capacity is strong

3. The tube bundle can be withdrawn from the housing to facilitate maintenance and cleaning, and the structure is simple and the construction cost is cheap. However, the cleaning in the pipe is inconvenient, the pipe in the middle part of the pipe bundle is difficult to be replaced

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