Air Cooled Heat Exchanger for Turbine

Air cooled heat exchanger for turbine
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Specification of air cooled heat exchanger for turbine

Tube material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, Cu/Ni

Fin material: Aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel

Processing tech: Crimped fin type, extruded fin type, aluminum nest plate type

Medium: Water, steam, oil etc

Different applications:



Wood drying machine

Drying kiln

Intaglio printing 

Dyeing and printing  

Hot molding  

Textile printing

Tablet printing

Rotary screen printing

Intaglio printing machine

Dry food, tea

Air dry starch (drying machine) and feed

Paper making 

Vegetables dehydration tunnel 

CAC heating and cooling

Dry cooling beer malt, tobacco

Chemical fiber

Leather finishing



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