Cold Water Coil

Cold water coil with high heat transfer efficiency, water resistance is small. Compact structure, light weight, advanced technology, good performance, low resistance, high pressure
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Product Details

Brand: Vrcooler

Product introduction:

The surface coil adopts advanced mechanical pipe expansion and arc corrugated double-flanged aluminum fin structure type. The mechanical expansion tube makes the copper tube and the aluminum fin contact closely.

The arc ripple can promote the flow rate of the fluid, destroy the boundary layer, and increase the heat transfer coefficient. The advanced structure type, coupled with the waterway stroke, pipe spacing, and reasonable spacing, make the heat exchanger with good heat transfer performance, small air resistance, compact structure, and light weight. It can be widely used in air conditioning, cooling, dehumidification, heating and other projects, is an ideal supporting product of the new air unit and air handling unit.

Brass welding adopts low-temperature rapid brazing to ensure that the pressure resistance is >1.2Mpa.

Moreover, we also have aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, cu-ni tube water coil for option.

Our goods:


Application scope:

1 Fan coil unit

2 Assembled air conditioning unit

3 Ceiling type air conditioning unit

4. New air unit

5. Vertical air conditioning unit

6. Combined air conditioner

7. Horizontal air conditioning unit

8. Flat-plate cooler

9. Other HVAC and refrigeration units

10 Etc

Our workshop:

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Wooden box, plywood box, carton box, pallet box, etc.

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