DX cooling coil AHU

DX cooling coil AHU

DX cooling coil ahu is fluid to air heat exchanger.
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DX cooling coil ahu which called DX evaporator coil are fluid to air heat exchanger.Are usually made of copper tube mechanical expanding into the interval set of aluminum fin in order to ensure the effective of heat transfer. Refrigerant through the pipe from the liquid distributor into the coil, single loop formation, formation of copper back bend, ended in export header manifold.Heat from the air through the fin and tube transferred to the refrigerant flows through the tube, with the warm air flow through the dx evaporator coil, evaporation and low pressure refrigerant liquid as superheated steam leaving the coil. Coil components in a sheet metal shell with drainage plate, to collect when air cooled below the dew point of condensate.If may occur due to air speed or load condensate water overflow, you should install dehumidifier board to prevent stay in the air stream.

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Booser coil

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chilled water coil

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DX evaporator coil

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