Fan Cooled Heat Exchanger

Fan Cooled Heat Exchanger

Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, steel, copper nickel or special material for options
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Fan cooled heat exchanger heat transfer between air, gas and liquid or steam. 

With finned heat exchanger heating surfaces, so also called finned tube heat exchangers, the possibility of providing heat transfer between the gas and the liquid is significantly space-saving and a more efficient realization of the direct tube ratio is possible. Finned tube heat exchangers can be used for different applications and different designs. We provide variety of heat exchangers, air heaters, heaters, gas heater, air heaters or capacitors.

Fan cooled heat exchanger application examples:

Finned tube heat exchangers are commonly used to increase the efficiency of power plant exhaust heat exchangers. It is further applied to the preheating of the combustion air for power plant and the condensing steam of the exhaust steam or the orc turbine.

Industrial dryer finned tube heat exchangers use a large amount of heated air through hot water, steam, or hot oil.

In many industrial processes, such as air-conditioned buildings, finned tube heat exchangers use air coolers to cool or gradually warm the liquid. Due to problems with Legionella, high fresh water consumption, and complicated water treatment, closing the cooling circuit with a finned tube heat exchanger will replace the cooling tower's open water circuit.


The construction of a robust finned tube heat exchanger can withstand long-term 

operational conditions.

Maximum transmission quality

High compression ratio

Widely used and temperature range (range)

Affortable for your money

Ideal gas-liquid or gas-vapor heat transfer

Can be used as stainless steel fan cooled heat exchanger

Highest reliability operation through extensive quality inspection

Years of experience in various fields

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