Fin Heat Exchanger

VRcooler can design and produce Fin heat exchanger for your application.
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Product Details

VRcooler can design and produce Fin heat exchanger for your application.

We have heat exchanger design software, VRcooler offers tailor-made Fin heat exchanger



Main parts

We make tubes of different diameters, with a greater number of thicknesses and different materials such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum and cupronickel.


The fins, made of aluminum, or copper.
The fins can also be made from 316L stainless steel for aggressive environments such as the food sector or exchangers used in salty environments. 


Application :

  • Air Heater / Preheater

  • Air Heat Recovery

  • Thermal Oil Heater

  • HVAC

  • Air Dryer

  • Water Generator Cooler

  • Waste Heat Recovery

  • Refrigeration


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