Finned Tube Air Cooler

Finned Tube Air Cooler

Vrcooler is a professional manufacturer of standard and non standard Finned tube air cooler, radiator and heat exchangers.
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Product Details

Vrcooler is a professional manufacturer of standard and non standard Finned tube air cooler, radiator and heat exchangers. We have various types of air cooler, such as coiled and rolled; steel type: GLII type, SRZ type, I type; copper : S type, UII type; steel tube aluminum type: SZL (A) type, SZL (B) type, KL-1, 2, 3 type; copper tube aluminum coil, string piece type, TLS type, TTS series coolers, heaters, steel finned tubes, stainless steel finned tubes, copper finned tubes, aluminum finned tubes, copper aluminum finned tubes, condensers, coolers, and heat exchangers.

Our company has several machines for producing finned tube air cooler, such as winding machines, rolling machines, and introducing several sets of shears, bending machines, punching machines and professional processing production lines.

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1. Malt drying and cooling radiator

2. Expanded drying dedicated radiator

3. Wood drying kiln radiator

4. Dye, chemical fiber, soda ash, latex, polyvinyl chloride, gelatin drying radiator

5. Milk and spray drying radiators for milk powder

6. Vegetable dehydration tunnel, oven drying radiator

7. Paper and coating machine special radiator

8. Printing and dyeing, dyeing and finishing, hot air stentering machine, heat setting machine, dryer, rotary screen printing machine, flat screen printing machine, blanket setting machine, dryer radiator

9. Food and tea drying radiator

10. Starch, feed steam drying accessory radiator

11. Plastic leather spray dryer

12. Woodgrain paper printing machine

13. Adhesive coating machine, radiator for dry laminating machine

14. Central air conditioning heating, cooling radiator

15. Factory building dedicated heating radiator

The company can design and manufacture heat sinks or special heat sinks on the imported equipment.



Our Advantage:

Carful design give you a better comfort experience

Custom a Finned tube air cooler  we need to know following required parameters;

Dimensions: length x width x height, frame,  tube number and row number

Pipe size: outside diameter, inside diameter, wall thickness, material

Fin: height, thickness, material


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