Oval Tube Heat Exchanger

Oval Tube Heat Exchanger

The oval tube heat exchanger use oval tube to transfer heat.
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The oval tube heat exchanger refers to a heat exchange device that utilizes an elliptical tube to transfer part of the heat of a hot fluid to a cold fluid so that the temperature of the fluid reaches the specifications specified in the process flow.

Advantage of oval tube heat exchanger:

(1) Compared with the round pipe, the elliptical pipe is easier to achieve a compact layout, so that the overall volume of the entire heat exchanger is reduced, thereby reducing the footprint.

(2) Due to the shape characteristics of the elliptical tube, the air side resistance is small and the heat transfer coefficient between the fluids increases; the heat resistance in the tube is relatively small, which increases the heat exchange capacity of the fluid in the tube.

(3) The heat transfer area of the elliptical tube is larger than that of the circular tube with the same cross-sectional area. This is because the cross-sectional area of the elliptical tube has a relatively long heat transfer perimeter.

(4) Elliptical tube, high strength, base tube should not be frozen in winter, long service life.

(5) Since the elliptical tubes can be arranged more compactly, the influence of the front tubes on the back row is relatively large, and the flow resistance can be reduced by increasing the fin pitch of the rear tubes, but the number of tubes should not be too large.

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