Thrust Bearing Cooling Coil

Thrust Bearing Cooling Coil

Tubes: Copper, Cu/Ni, Admiralty Brass, etc.
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Thrust bearing cooling coil fabricated with 90 CuNi extruded fin tubes

The guide and thrust bearing oil coolers allow cooling of the oil used in the guide and thrust bearings of the turbine and generator; oil which heats up due to the friction of the various moving parts. Through years of hands-on experience and the development with its partners of unique custom made solutions, Vrcooler has been able to establish itself as a market leader in the design and manufacture of bearing coolers. Whether the heat exchange needs to be forced or natural convection, through single or double tube arranged to fit you specific geometrical requirements, Vrcooler holds profound understanding of the heat transfer mechanisms insuring adequate sizing and efficient cooling. It will fit and it will cool. The Vrcooler team can also refurbish your bearing oil cooler for easy maintenance by changing the configuration (number of sections) of your cooler. There are two families of bearing coolers : internal and external.

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