CO2 Heat Exchanger

CO2 Heat Exchanger

Stainless steel tube to stand high pressure of CO2
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Product Details

Specification of CO2 heat exchanger

Refrigerant CO2

Pumpe operation

For high pressure upto 8.0Mpa

Capacity 12-350kw

Application temperature-18 to -40

Air throw up to 70m

Guarantee of Safe Running

  Pipe running pressure to 5 .0Mpa, Blasting pressure to 50Mpa

  Nitrogen pressure testing 10Mpa which keeping 10 hours.

  Eddy current testing provide good quality of tube

  TIG welding process of bend is fully automatic which can guarantee high strength and good appreance

  Float-Coil Tech.which can float tubes in the centre of plate holes. Avoiding direct friction between tubes and plates which may causing leakage of tubes in process of running and transport

Coil Block

  16mm stainless steel tube(304 or 316L) High efficiency sine W ave fin

  Fin material:8011,AIMg3 304(316L),CoatedFin Pitch: 4 .5mm,7mm,10mm,12mm

  A Other fin pitchs can be customized by user

Optimized Design

  Sturctures and covers of Uni Cooler are designedby our 3D sofware Using this software we designyour customizec air cooler parametricaly.

  Our advanced coil sofware can simulate your running heating conditions We can optimized thecoil tubes to ge bes cooling capacity.

  We can provide CAD drawings and reliable data of your customized products

  Using maintance door,checking and mainance will be easier.

  Suppport foots are consided which can provice convenience of installing and carring Also you can using these foots as installing supports

  Normal casing material is galvanized steel powercoated white RAL9018 other option: Aluminum or stainless steel

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