Liquid Cooling Radiator

Liquid Cooling Radiator

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Product Details

Liquid cooling radiator 


Short description:

is widely used as heat exchanger. Install 1-4 fans, blowing air to take away heating/cooling energy from the flowing liquid in the flat aluminum tubes; With very high heat exchanging efficiency.



All copper/All Aluminum

Stainless steel tube copper fin

Copper tube aluminum fin


Product Features:

Aluminum frames, very solid; It has excellent heat exchanging performance;

Microchannel design, the gap is 0.2mm only, has top quality heat exchanging performance;

Can change the direction of the spout according to customer requirements;

Can Install fans;

Eco-friendly painting, improving heat transfer efficiency, surface color can be customized according to customer`s requirement;

Suitable for computer CPU water cooling, industrial variable frequency drives, laser head cooling, air conditioning evaporator, industrial control cabinets cooling, and other heat exchanging purpose;

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