Nano Coating Heat Exchanger

Nano Coating Heat Exchanger

Vrcooler provide heat exchanger with nano coating, which exported from Australia.
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Vrcooler provide heat exchanger with nano coating, which exported from Australia.

Advantages of Nano coating heat exchanger: 

Coatings protect against corrosion caused by exposure to natural and chemical environments. This is a long-term protective coating

Its improvement of product efficacy is reflected in the following four distinct features.

1. The superhydrophobic long-acting superhydrophobic surface improves the condensation 

characteristics and improves heat exchange by accelerating the discharge of condensation. 

The super-hydrophobic surface can also reduce the accumulation of dirt and dust, which can 

save the cleaning of the heat exchanger.

2. Corrosion protection protects the entire surface of the heat exchanger, including copper 

pipes, from corrosion, allowing the heat exchanger to maintain long-term heat exchange.

3. Reduced mold and bacterial growth the long-lasting silver ion technology (Ag+=silver ions) 

is included in the coating to reduce mold and bacteria in the heat exchanger. Keep the heat 

exchanger clean and free from microbial contamination. A clean, dry, biofilm-free heat 

exchanger saves more energy than a wet, dirty heat exchanger.

4. Very thin coating of only 6-8 microns without affecting heat exchange or air flow

The main innovations of Nano:

1. Excellent corrosion resistance, prolong the service life of the heat transfer equipment; 

2. High coefficient of thermal conductivity of the coating, which does not affect the heat exchange efficiency, and can comprehensively improve the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger; 

3. Nano silver anti-mildew antibacterial Water-based paints are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. 

4. Nano-technology has super-hydrophobic and oil-repellent properties, with self-cleaning function, and can significantly reduce the frequency of frost formation in heat exchangers.

Achievable indicators of Nano Coating Heat Exchanger:

1, Acid salt spray test 5000 hours: Anticorrosion 

2, Anti-mildew antibacterial related test report has passed: Anti-mildew antibacterial 

Mainly used in central air-conditioning, air-source heat pump, refrigerator cold storage, automotive air conditioning, evaporative cooling, boiler gas recovery heat exchange Area.

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