Plate Fin Coils

Plate Fin Coils

Plate Fin coils are used for heating, cooling and dehumidifying. In addition to water, a variety of other heating and cooling media, such as glycol and brine solutions, thermal oils, and refrigerants for DX applications, can be used.
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Material of plate fin coils:

Tube: stainless steel (SUS304, 304L, 316316 l), steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, copper nickel

Fin: aluminum, SUS, steel, copper, titanium

Row number: 1 to 12/ 

Max length: 13M


1, industrial machine

It is a wide variety of industrial products, that the purpose of drying, processioning, heating, 

cooling, dehumidifying etc

2, air conditioning

Business space and far-reaching equipment for hot air heating, such as buildings, hotels, 

theaters, factories, and blood vessels.

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