Radiator Cooler

Radiator Cooler

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When the CPU is working, it will generate a lot of heat. If the heat is not released in time, it will lead to a crash, and the CPU may be burned. The CPU radiator cooler is used to dissipate heat for the CPU. The radiator cooler plays a decisive role in the stable operation of the CPU.


120mm, 240mm, 360mm and 480mm are available to provide exceptional performance. Integrated G1/4″ threads make it easy to install, while rigid connections ensure leak-resistant measures are in place. With an ideal mounting, fitting and flow set-up, the Vrcoolertech VR Series meets your cooling needs in every way.


1. It can be installed 120 electronic fan.
2. It can be used for: computer water cooling radiators, beauty equipment, etc.

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