Stainless Steel Computer Radiator

Stainless Steel Computer Radiator

We provide Stainless steel tube copper or aluminum fin computer radiator
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VRCooler has many years history (since 2004) of supplying High-Reliability Liquid-to Air Stainless Steel Tube Heat Exchangers for high-power / high value applications electronic and industrial applications. We supply to major manufacturers in the following industries: Lasers – Medical, Dental laser, New Power, Fuel Cells, Wind Turbines, Cpmputer...

Ultra-clean liquid circuit requirements for water-cooled optic systems, deionized water for medical and industrial lasers, and protection from aggressive gases and other liquid can be achieved by specifying VRcooler Engineering high-reliability stainless steel tube heat exchangers for liquid cooling systems.


The standard heat exchanger models are manufactured to computer grade reliable standards. Tubing and all manifold circuitry are constructed of 316L stainless steel with copper fins. Joints are precision TiG welded.


Each Unit utilizes:

 316 Stainless Steel wetted surfaces

 Precision TIG welded

 100% Pressure Test

 Internally cleaned & corrosion protected (cobratec solution that process is very

important! )

 Externally coated for corrosion protection.

 Internal passivation available


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