Water Coil

Water Coil

Quality welded water coil
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Water coil design

Water coils are commonly used to cool or remove moisture from the airflow. The cooled air moves through the fins, water or ethylene or propylene glycol solution through the tube.

Several typical applications of cooling water coil

Comfortable cooling


Process cooling

Heat recovery

Cold water coils come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but there are some common features found in most cooling water coils:

Water coil specifications


By the seamless copper, stainless steel 

"5/8" diameter

0.020 ", 0.025", 0.035 ", or 0.049" wall

"3/8", "1/2" diameter

0.017 "0.025" or "0.032" wall


Full fin continuous forming

5/8 "x 1.500" x 1.299 "mode

Flat corrugated, sinusoidal,

copper, aluminum, stainless steel

0.0060 ", 0.0075", or 0.0100 "thick

4-14 fins per inch

1/2 "x 1.250" x 1.083 "mode

Plane ripple

aluminum or copper

0.0060 ", 0.0075", or 0.0100 "thick

4-14 fins per inch

3/8 "x 1" x 0.866 "mode

Flat ripples, sine, shutters

aluminum or Ccopper

0.0060 ", 0.0075", or 0.0100 "thick

4-22 fins per inch

Water coil performance

Coil performance is very different, from application to application. The fin tube flow and temperature have a large effect on the performance of any given coil.

We have software that we can use to refer to performance. A detailed performance run according to your situation, please email info@vrcooler.com

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