Water to Air Heat Exchanger

Water to Air Heat Exchanger

One 40” container of Water to Air Heat exchanger is ready to ship to USA. Features of Water to Air Heat Exchanger 1.99.9% Pure Copper, 9.52*0.3, smooth tube 2. Wave fin, thickness 0.12mm, 3mm space 3. 1.8mm Galvanized Steel Casing 4. 1”inlet and outlet header Packing and shipping for air to...
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VRcooler produces the typical types of water to air heat exchanger are composed of a water supply pipe and a water supply return pipe.On the heat exchanger pipe ring with aluminum fin, Its purpose is to maximize the heat transfer between water and air.

The structure comes in a metal frame, to strengthen the construction When water or other suitable solution to enter manifold of air to water heat exchanger, it has been separated to carry it through the heat exchanger to return to the heat exchanger. Copper heat from escaping through the water to the surrounding environment. Wall of aluminum fin, with the help of permanently connected to copper coil. Once the air through the heat exchanger, it is the temperature increased. This process is similar to cold water or other liquid coolant. Heat exchanger used for cooling applications.If using a heat exchanger used by the purpose of the temperature of the air heating or cooling liquid

through the finned heat exchanger, reverse heat exchange process.

VRcooler supply varied models of water to air heat exchanger, from 12*12 sizes and above. Widely used for 

Residential and light commercial buildings,forced air heating and cooling,outdoor wood furnace, boiler, stove

the garage heater auxiliary heating, and many other liquid to air or air heat transfer applications




Made by copper tube, 3/8"

Fin is aluminum

Galvanized steel casing

1" copper header

Fin space 2.1mm

Connect is 1" weled type, if you need NPT or flange type, please kindly contact us

Vrcooler has much experience on Water to Air Heat Exchanger.
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