Condenser in Power Plant

Condenser in Power Plant

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ODM condenser in power plant

Air cooled condenser is a large heat exchanger used in industry, it use the air to cool the nature (condensate) with liquid. Compared with water cooling method, don't need a large number of local water, it save water, reduce environmental pollution, loweer maintain cost. According to the different application, a power plant air cooled condenser and petrochemical air cooled condenser.

Traditional power plants using water cooling system, through the large open cooling tower for cooling steam turbine exhaust steam, need a lot of water. However air cooled condenser only need a quarter of the traditional water from power station.

The condenser in the power plant is a heat exchanger. The function of the condenser is to convert the saturated steam of the turbine exhaust into the steam that can be reused in the boiler again.

This improves the efficiency of the cycle. We turn the steam into water, because it takes less energy to pump water than to pump it back to the boiler.

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