Air Condenser

Air Condenser

The air condenser uses condensing medium such as air, water, or steam absorbs heat.
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The air condenser uses condensing medium such as air, water, or steam absorbs heat. 

The condensing medium's temperature is reduced to saturation, condenses the liquid.

Air cooled

Air cooled condenser is one type of condenser that use air to cool the condensing medium.

It's the most conmmon condenser.

The air condenser uses circulating air to cool the hot gas. In most large models, it is use fan to push or pull air. Smaller models, usually rely on gravity for air circulation.

Equipment design

Hot medium is condensed through a series of finned tubes. Finned tube do have copper, stainless steel, copper-nickel, etc. 

Fans manage the circulation of air, which removes the heat of hot medium. The resulting condensation drops off the tubing reservoir or drains.


The air condenser is used to condense exhaust steam from turbines in power plants. 

They are also used to refrigerate plants to condense refrigerant gases such as ammonia and fluorocarbons, and to compress various chemical vapors in the petrochemical industry. 

Condenser for power plant.jpg

The air condenser shown below is a V shaped condenser for refrigeration and air conditioning facilities. This condenser specific fin and V-shaped optimization results with excellent heat transfer to minimize refrigerant capacity.

V type condenser.jpg


Easy to install.

No water is needed.

Condensation medium, air, will not freeze.

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