Remote Condenser

Remote Condenser

Remote condenser is suitable for all kinds of applications. Our integrated design concept ensures the flexibility of different heat transfer surfaces, and is suitable for water, oil, compressed air and process fluids. The fan design can maximize the fan efficiency and ensure the best cooler.
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Product Details

Remote air cooled condenser with innovative design, providing a variety of solutions, focusing on the performance, energy efficiency, reduce the sound output, and other attributes, in order to meet the grocery store, supermarket, industrial cooling storage industry and business needs.To facilitate the installation and use of these devices with a lifting eye, articulated legs design, LED lighting and hinge fan panel control panel.

Remote Condenser can provide 1 to 14 single fan and double fan width of the fan, and has a vertical or horizontal airflow.

 Style: finned tube
 Purpose: heat
 Compact structure, the unit heat exchange area is large
 Application of flexible - horizontal or vertical installation
 The service life is long
 Low cost, easy installation and reduce the cost

 Oil refineries
 The petrochemical industry
 Steel mills
 Gas equipment
 Power plant
 Other industrial cooling applications


Dual or single loop

With Heresite corrosion or epoxy coating protection

Factory installed and pipeline pressure control

All stainless steel shell with heating and insulation of the receiver

Stainless steel frame, fasteners, hardware

Structural steel welded frame for bad environment, with enamel coating

Chemical fan motor

Welding stainless steel fan

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