V Type Air Cooled Condenser

V Type Air Cooled Condenser

We offer v type air cooled condenser products.These are refrigeration & heat exchange parts.
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• Air cooled condensers are designed for outdoor installation including 4 different noise levels. No external pressure drop is considered.
• Capacity range: we accept customized condenser

Coil Block
• Staggered tube alignment,
• Internally grooved copper tubes specially for condensers, aluminium fins, we also have stainless steel tube
• 2,1 - 2,5 mm of standart fin pitches. Other fin pitches are optional,
• Circuit design are suitable for refrigerants R404A, R507, R134A, R407A, R717, R744 and R407C.
• Sliding collars and free holes system combination used in supporting end-plates that prevents any contact between tubes and end-plates and this system ensures long life operation without leakages. 
• Standart Test Pressure: 34 bar 

• Condensers have their own self supporting construction and do not require any extra accessories for installation on steel or concrete base. 
• Each fan chamber is separated by internal baffle plates to prevent induced windmilling of off-cycle fans. 
• All models are equipped with lifting eyes.

• Highly efficient axial Ziehl Abegg, EBM or equivalent fans with diameters 500 mm, 630mm, 800 mm, 910 mm are used in suction direction for condensers.
• Electrical specifications for 500/ 630/ 800/ 910 mm fans are 400V 3~50Hz, could be run at two different speeds and EC fans with speed control is optional.
• Variable fan speed regulation can be achieved by using three phase fans with frequency inverter and all pole sine filter.
• All motors feature internal protection and protection class IP54; insulation class F.
• Ambient temperature range for exterior operation is between -40°C and +50°C / +65°C. For standart fans, temperature for exterior operation can be +75°C according to fan type.
• Different fans and motors are optional for high working temperatures.
• Fans are running in a housing designed to maximize air flow rate. Guard grilles of fans are standart.
• Friterm reserves the right to use fans of different manufacturers. Depending on the  type, the fan data may slightly vary.

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