Adiabatic Dry Cooler

Adiabatic Dry Cooler

Adiabatic dry cooler is type of free cooling units
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Adiabatic dry cooler the work process without water consumption, liquid go through in the tube , natural wind through outside the tube to cool the liquid, reduce the liquid temperature in the tube, to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Adiabatic dry cooler are often used as part of energy-saving for serverroom air conditioners, because of their work does not consume energy, so it is often used to do energy-saving components.

The liquid in the dry cooler is called refrigerant, and the glycol solution is usually used in the project.

Glycol Adiabatic dry cooler system

Ethylene glycol dry heat exchange system using indirect cold source of natural way, also known as free cooling energy-saving air conditioning. The use of outdoor dry cooler and outdoor air heat exchanger, and then the use of ethylene glycol aqueous solution as a indoor units to provide energy-saving cooling coil to reduce server room temperature. 

The unit uses microcomputer control, when the glycol backwater temperature and the temperature difference between the room 7 ℃, it can be part of the use of natural cold source, the lack of part by the compressor refrigeration supplement. 

When the temperature difference above 14 ℃ can be completely replaced by the dry cooler compressor refrigeration, to achieve energy-saving purposes.

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