Air Cooled Fluid Cooler

ODM/OEM air cooled fluid cooler.
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We offers air cooled fluid coolers capable of cooling almost any non-corrosive fluid. From a single-fan 14-fan units, the air cooled fluid cooler offers energy-efficient solutions to water-cooled machinery or computer room or press cooling economizers.

air cooled fluid cooler for a wide range of cooling applications. These devices cool most fluids that are non-corrosive to brass. They provide closed-loop condensate cooling to avoid evaporative water cooling maintenance. In winter, the fluid cooler also serves as an economizer to cool the interior and then cool the condensate during the summer. Fluid coolers also cool compressor oil in heavy duty commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. Industrial cooling applications emerge in an endless stream!

ODM/OEM service is available, please contact us.

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