Closed Fin Fan Cooler

Closed Fin Fan Cooler

Cloased fin fan cooler is a air cooled heat exchanger
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Product Details

Cloased fin fan cooler was conducted with air cooling industrial heat exchange device.

Closed fin fan cooler include tube bundle, fan and frame.;

Spray device;

The ladder;

Platforms and other auxiliary parts.

Advantage of closed fin fan cooler

1. Professional fan and the ram has shielding effect to the tube bundle, can reduce the storm and the sun directly influence of tube bundle, is conducive to the temperature control.


2. The fan exhaust air flow rate is higher, greatly reduced the possibility of hot air recirculation.


3. Are uniformly into the tube bundle of air distribution and air pressure drop down slightly.


4. Ram has certain suction effect, can promote the air natural convection, which can reduce power consumption.



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