Glycol Dry Cooler

Glycol Dry Cooler

Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, copper nicel or steel tube for option
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Working principle of glycol dry cooler: 

Ethylene glycol exchanges heat with outdoor cold air through the dry cooler and naturally cooled to obtain cold, then the recirculation pump sends the low temperature glycol into the air conditioning indoor unit to cool the indoor air, then use flow to treat air into the room

Advantage of glycol dry cooler:

1, Use air cooling, saving valuable water resources;

2, The air is free to obtain, site selection is not limited;

The specific heat of ethylene glycol is less than the specific heat of water, and its specific heat will further decrease as its concentration increases. Natural cooling type air conditioning units in winter glycol solution concentration is generally 30%, when the freezing point is -28 ℃, the specific heat is 3.412KJ / KG · ℃. In the northeastern region of application, the proportion of ethylene glycol concentration is 50%, when the freezing point is -35 ℃, the specific heat is 2.931KJ / KG · ℃. It can be seen that the concentration of ethylene glycol affects the size of its heat exchange capacity. According to heat transfer calculation formula can be calculate ethylene glycol and dry cooler capacity.

Glycol dry cooler with stainless steel tube aluminum fin


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