Steam Air Preheater

Steam Air Preheater

Tube:Stainless steel, galvanized steel and other special material are available.
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Steam Air preheater preheats the air entering the boiler to a certain temperature through the internal fins, raise exchange performance, reduce energy consumption equipment. Steam Air preheaters are generally divided into plate, rotary and tube three parts. Taking rotating type as an example, the working principle of air preheater is introduced. A large amount of unburned combustible material may be deposited on the heat transfer element may be pre-air, pre-ignition, so the reasons for its fire were analyzed and the cause of the fire and the response measures were described in detail; also introduced the gate lock analysis and leakage control.

An steam air preheater, also referred to as an air preheater, is a preheating device that increases the heat exchange performance of the boiler and reduces heat loss. 

The function of the air preheater is to carry the heat carried in the flue gas discharged from the flue at the rear of the boiler to the air in front of the boiler through the heat sink to preheat the air to a certain temperature.

Generally referred to as air preheater. Used for coal-fired power station boiler. Can be divided into tube box, rotary two, of which rotary is divided into wind hood rotary and heated surface rotary two. Utility boilers are often used heated surface rotary preheater. The application of the boiler is generally two points warehouse, three points warehouse, four points warehouse, four quarters of which are more commonly used in circulating fluidized bed boiler.

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