What is the advantages of evaporative condenser?

- Aug 01, 2018-

Evaporative condensers have obvious advantages in air conditioning and refrigeration systems

In recent years, China has applied evaporative condensers to various types of refrigeration systems, including cold storage, central air conditioning, industrial refrigeration units, and ammonia refrigeration systems. Since the 1970s, developed countries have begun to replace water-cooled condensers with evaporative condensers.

Compared to conventional condensers, evaporative condensers have the following advantages:

First, energy saving

The same as the air-cooled condenser condensation capacity is limited by the ambient dry bulb temperature, while the evaporative condenser is limited by the ambient wet bulb temperature, while the wet bulb temperature is 8 ~ 14 ° C lower than the average dry bulb temperature, plus the upper fan The negative pressure environment created by the equipment, so the evaporative condenser has a lower condensation temperature than the air-cooled condenser. For every 1 °C increase in condensing temperature, the power consumption per unit of cooling capacity will increase by 3% to 3.5%, so the total power consumption of the evaporative condenser will be significantly reduced, and the energy saving effect is obvious. In the air conditioning refrigeration system, it can save 20% to 40% compared with other condensers.

Second, saving water

Evaporative condensers make full use of the latent heat of vaporization of water. The general water-cooled condenser can take away 16.75~25.12KJ of heat per 1Kg of cooling water, while 1Kg of water can carry away about 2,428KJ of heat at room temperature, so the theory of evaporative condenser The water consumption is only 1% of the water-cooled condenser. Considering the factors such as splash loss and water discharge, the actual water consumption is about 5% to 10% of the water-cooled type. The evaporative condenser greatly reduces the water loss, which is of great significance to the northern region where China's water resources are seriously insufficient.

Third, the structure is compact

Since there is no need to install a cooling tower, the whole device is compact, small in size and small in floor space. The evaporative condenser saves valuable space by combining the condenser coil and the cooling tower, and it is not necessary to the cooling tower/ Larger pumps and lines are required for condenser systems. Evaporative condensers require only about 50% of the windward area of ??an air-cooled condenser of the same specification.

Fourth, save investment costs

The evaporative condenser integrates the cooling tower, condenser, circulating water tank, circulating water pump and water pipe, which reduces equipment such as cooling towers, circulating water pumps and water pipes, and reduces the handling and installation of individual components in the cooling tower/condenser system. cost of. Since the evaporative condenser utilizes the evaporative cooling heat exchange method efficiently, the heat exchange area, the number of fans, and the power consumption of the fan motor can be effectively reduced.

Fivety, No pollution to the environment

Many chemical plants used shell-and-tube or shower-type condensers in the past. In the summer, due to excessive condensing pressure, “venting and reducing pressure” is often used, but each time it is released, it is not a non-condensable gas, which contains a large amount of ammonia. According to the sampling analysis of the relevant departments, sometimes as high as 90%, not only the ammonia loss is quite serious, but also caused environmental pollution. However, this phenomenon does not exist after using an evaporative condenser.