Aluminum plate fin heat exchangers will replace traditional heat exchangers

- Aug 02, 2018-

In china, there are not many people who are familiar with heat exchangers, because this product can be installed not only in central air conditioners and larger air units, but also as a large-scale accessory, chemical, petroleum, steel. General equipment in automobiles, food and many other industrial sectors plays an important role in production. It has already played its own unique heat transfer role in household air conditioners, multi-line, central air-conditioning, cold storage and other products, and has become a common concern of the industry. topic.


The aluminum-based copper of refrigeration equipment is a hot spot for material replacement in the field of home appliances in recent years. With the maturity of technology, the alloy aluminum pipelines and fittings have the cost savings of more than 30% for air-conditioning and refrigeration pipes, anti-corrosion, extension and heat exchange efficiency. Such performance indicators have further improved, and other competitive advantages have made the application prospect of "aluminum-based copper" in the air-conditioning field increasingly clear, and the current macroeconomic downturn, slower export growth and insufficient domestic demand, and the country's environment to encourage energy conservation and consumption reduction, Further, the demand for air-conditioning alloy aluminum pipe products has been promoted. The aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchange component used in the refrigeration equipment of alloy aluminum. As an alternative material to copper, it is not only low cost, but also energy efficient due to innovation in product structure. Environmental protection is more advantageous than copper. Experts believe that the replacement of traditional finned heat exchangers with aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers is an inevitable trend.


Experts said that if you want to increase the amount of fresh air in the air conditioning system, it is required to increase the amount of air exhausted in the room. In the summer, when there is cooling and when the heating is adjusted in winter, there will be a large difference between the fresh air and the exhaust air. The aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger can recover this heat, and the energy consumed by the equipment to process the fresh air will naturally drop, which can improve the air quality inside the air-conditioned room, and also reduce energy consumption, and central air-conditioning. The energy consumed in dealing with fresh air can be reduced by about 65%. The application of aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers achieves energy saving and emission reduction, while also improving the quality of the same period and promoting the development of energy-saving air conditioners. As one of the bases of the aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger, the central air conditioner has also greatly improved its market capacity.

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