What is the Application of air compressor cooler on freeze dryer?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Application of air compressor cooler on freeze dryer

A lyophilizer is a technical method of preliminarily freezing an aqueous product and then sublimating the water under vacuum to obtain a dried article. The freeze-dried articles are easy to store for a long time, and can be restored to the state before lyophilization and maintain the original biochemical characteristics after adding water.


Vacuum freeze-drying technology has been widely used in bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, materials science and deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, and its scale and field are still expanding. To this end, vacuum freeze drying is bound to become an important application technology in the 21st century.

The freeze dryer consists of a refrigeration system, a vacuum system, a heating system, and an electrical instrument control system. The main components are drying ovens, condensers, refrigeration units, vacuum pumps, heating/cooling devices, air compressor coolers, etc.


The refrigeration system is the most important part of the freeze dryer and is called the "heart of the freeze dryer". The refrigeration system is mainly composed of the following components: compressor, refrigerant, oil separator, water condenser, drying filter, air compressor cooler, sight glass, solenoid valve, hand valve (top valve), expansion valve , evaporator (plate exchanger, rear tank condensing coil), vapor-liquid separator, return gas filter, pressure gauge, pressure control relay, CPCE (energy regulator), safety valve, refrigeration pipe, etc.