What is a Automotive air conditioning evaporator?

- Jun 15, 2018-

The high-pressure liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator through the expansion valve. Due to the atomizing action of the expansion valve, the liquid refrigerant becomes mist, and the mist-like refrigerant turns into a gas state under low pressure conditions.

In the process of transformation, it absorbs heat, so the evaporator is cool at this moment. After the wind passes, it becomes a cool breeze, achieving the purpose of cooling.

Automotive air conditioning evaporator is a kind of evaporator. The function of the air-conditioning evaporator is to use the liquid cryogenic refrigerant to easily evaporate at low pressure, convert it to steam and absorb the heat of the cooled medium, achieving the purpose of cooling.

It relies on the fan to force the air in the warehouse to pass through the cooling pipes in the cabinet to exchange heat, so that the air can be cooled, so as to reduce the temperature of the warehouse.

Among them, the refrigerant or the coolant is flowing in the discharge pipe, and the outside air is cooled through the pipe wall as a dry chiller; and the sprayed coolant liquid directly exchanges heat with the air, which is called a wet chiller.

In addition to the cooling pipes, the hybrid cooling fan also has a coolant-carrying spray device.

The dry chillers commonly used in cold storage can be divided into ceiling type and floor type according to the installed position.

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