Car air conditioning cleaning should pay more attention to the condenser and the evaporation box

- Aug 02, 2018-

Recently, I often hear that some car owners complain that the air conditioner is not cool enough, and the cooling capacity is insufficient. On the occasion of the onset of the hot summer days, problems with the air-conditioning system have become the main cause of many car owners. Many people pay attention to the refrigerant (R134A), and most owners choose a simpler, as long as the air conditioner is not cooling, choose to add refrigerant.


Air conditioning does not cool, how much is the cooling effect and the refrigerant? For the auto repair industry, this is a common problem. Most car owners attribute the problem to air conditioner compressors and refrigerants. In fact, this is a serious misunderstanding. The structure of the car air conditioner is basically the same as that of the home air conditioner, but it is slightly different. He is a complex whole, and the cooling effect cannot be seen by the structural difference of the single body.


Mr. Yan Youbo, the current expert group of the Automobile Quality Recall Center of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the Dean of the Automotive Technology Research Institute of Anlai (Beijing), said that in the process of air conditioning cleaning and maintenance, most people ignored the air conditioning condenser and air conditioning compressor oil. (commonly known as fluoro oil) and the role of air conditioning filter. This is an inseparable whole. The application of the increased air-conditioning compressor to the condenser and air-conditioning filter system of the semi-blocking air conditioner still cannot take advantage of the large compressor. On the other hand, fluoro oil is also a key concern. Many of the problems of insufficient power in the use of compressors are caused by the use of counterfeit air-conditioning compressor oil, resulting in damage to the compressor.

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