How to use the chemical principle of formic acid to clean your cooler?

- Jul 17, 2018-

Using the chemical principle of formic acid to effectively remove the scale of the cooler

Chemical experiments on scale samples show that formic acid can effectively remove the scale of the cooler.

Through the acid immersion test, it was found that formic acid can effectively remove the scale attached to the plate, and its corrosion effect on the cooler plate is also small.

Basic principle of removing scale

1) Dissolution: The acid solution easily reacts with calcium, magnesium, and carbonate scale to form a soluble compound that dissolves the scale.

2) Peeling action: The acid solution dissolves the oxide on the metal surface and breaks the bond with the scale, so that the scale attached to the surface of the metal oxide is peeled off and falls off.

3) Air enthalpy action: After the acid solution reacts with calcium, magnesium and carbonate scale, a large amount of carbon dioxide is produced.

During the overflow process, carbon dioxide gas has a certain enthalpy power for the scale layer which is difficult to dissolve or dissolve slowly, and the scale is detached from the heated surface of the cooler.

4) Loose effect: For the mixed scale containing silicate and sulfate, since the oxides of calcium, magnesium, carbonate and iron are dissolved in the acid solution, the residual scale becomes loose and the acid solution is easily flowed. Washed down.

In addition to learning how to remove scale, VRcooler heat exchange equipment staff reminds everyone to do the following measures to effectively prevent the scale of the cooler:

1) When the water quality is strictly controlled during operation, the water in the system and the softened water in the softening tank must be subjected to strict water quality test before being injected into the pipe network.

2) When the new system is put into operation, the cooler should be separated from the heating system. After a period of circulation, the cooler is incorporated into the system to prevent impurities in the pipe network from entering the heat exchanger.

3) In the heating system, the decontamination device and the filter should be cleaned occasionally, and the pipe network should be kept clean to prevent the heat exchanger from being clogged.

In summary, the cleaning according to the cleaning method of the cooler is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the central heating production.