Why are chillers used?

- Mar 13, 2020-

⒈The chiller can be used in supporting vacuum equipment. This type of chiller also meets the needs of high-quality vacuum equipment, such as molecular pumps, small vacuum coating machines, etc.

⒉The chiller is used in supporting medical laser equipment. The unique water quality treatment characteristics of this type of chiller make it an ideal choice for supporting medical laser equipment. This series of chiller is also widely used in atomic absorption spectrometer, fermentation device, reaction kettle, electrophoresis instrument, etc.

3. During the use of the chiller, be sure to pay attention to: the liquid medium should be added to the tank before use, and the working power should be determined according to the model of the machine. The power of the power should be greater than or equal to the total power of the instrument. The power must be well grounded. The chiller should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and then came to the side that is 400mm away from the obstacle. Finally, after using the chiller, all the switches should be turned off. Connect the power plug. Use a suction ball and a leather tube to put the chiller in the slot. The liquid is dry.

4. The chiller can use the supporting experimental condensing equipment. For example, the rotary evaporator, still, and condensing tube have the characteristics of controllable temperature, stable temperature, and high condensation efficiency, which can effectively improve the recovery rate. At the same time, its fluid purification function can prevent the circulation pipelines from being blocked and growing microorganisms.

5. The chiller is used in supporting semiconductor laser equipment. Semiconductor laser equipment has high requirements on water quality due to its special structure.