How to Maintenance and cleaning of fin heat exchanger?

- Sep 18, 2018-

Step 1 - Open

The first thing you will do is to open the lid of the air cooler. Due to the cooling process of the air cooler, the outside fresh air circulates throughout the office or home. Every air cooler is different, so unless you have to open it before, you may need to look at the instructions, check to see exactly how it is done. Improper doing so can cause damage to your evaporative air conditioner.

Step 2 - Check

The air in your room will never be out of date. This even allows you to enjoy the free operating unit even if the doors and windows are open. After the cooler has been turned on, it is a good idea to take the mat and check it carefully. If they want to be in good condition, no debris or mold, then they will have to be replaced. Make these judgments and move on to the next step. If it does need to be replaced, then make sure you get the right measurements, so the size you get is one that can be used.

Step 3 - Float Valve

Take a good look at your float valve and make sure it doesn't stick at all. If you find it then you will need to get cleaned up. The air cooler injects moisture into your indoor air, using cooling and evaporation technology. This enhanced moisture content prevents your skin and eyes from drying out due to the heat. Many times, you will find that hard water deposits and debris are the main reason why you have problems. If you don't think clean things can solve this problem, then this is something else, you may want to consider replacing everything.

Step 4 - Belt

Make sure you check the belt on the fan. It can be very lenient because this thing can cause problems. Make sure it's tight, only push a little while the action. If the belt moves too much, then it will need to be replaced.

Step 5 - Oiling It is a good idea to let the oil motor parts ensure that it is able to run smoother and longer, not to mention quiet.

Step 6 - Cleaning

After you have done the proper inspection, you are ready to start cleaning. At the beginning you will be panned and scrubbed with hard water until all the stains are gone. Make sure they are cleaned and put it back. Look inside, there must be a lot of dust anywhere, if there is, then scrub them until they are all washed away. Once you're done, you'll just need to simply replace the necessary parts, and it's best to put them all back together. Now, if you are running an air conditioner, you don't have to be surprised when you receive a high electricity bill. The air cooler has a relatively small amount of power compared to an air conditioner operating on a cost-effective and efficient device. In fact, they are not only cost-effective, but they are good enough to work long hours. Plus, they are fairly inexpensive to install and all they need is minimal quarterly maintenance. They definitely consume less power than the A/C unit.