What are the precautions for the framework selection of the screw air compressor water cooler?

- May 17, 2018-

What are the precautions for the framework selection of the screw air compressor water cooler?

Screw air compressor water cooler frame should have good stability. It is Usually composed of steel and thin steel plate, the current use of cold bending of the opposite sex steel. Frame size should match the size of tube bundles and fans. When selecting the frame type, the following matters should be noted:

1. The same length of tube bundle can be placed on the same frame.

2. When the bundles of different widths are placed on the same structure, the full width of the structure may not be occupied. The remaining parts should be covered with seals.

3. Air-cooled tube bundles of varying lengths are generally not put together and should be separated to form different groups or stations.

4. The air-blast structure is self-contained. Most of the wind-induced structures rely on the side beams of the tube bundle frame and cannot be independently supported.

The fan box is a component of the plate cooler frame, connected to the frame and the fan coil. Each fan must have a separate fan box and not communicate with other stations. The structure has the following types:

1. The square box type is made of welded and thin steel plate ((1~2rnrn) welded, or made of thin steel plate ((3~4mm) cold bending, generally used for blower type. The wind-leading type also has the use of materials that consume more, but the structure is not complicated. The manufacturing is simple and the appearance is smooth.

2. The transitional taper is made of thin steel plate (about Zmm) and a small amount of steel for wind type and blast type.  Low material consumption, low air resistance and simple construction, but it is difficult to manufacture, transport and install.

3. The ramp shape is used more often in draft styles and in blower styles. It combines the advantages of less consumption of transition cone materials, less air resistance, and simple box-type production and rigidity.