Copper-aluminum composite replacement steel material will dominate the radiator market

- Nov 26, 2018-

At present, the market prospect of steel radiators is very broad. The advantage of the steel radiator is that it is more environmentally friendly, and the cost is relatively low, and the corresponding market price is also low, which can be accepted by the general public. Although the copper-aluminum composite products that are emerging and gradually promoted in the market are superior in performance, copper is a colored precious metal, which is affected by the national macro-control policies. The price fluctuates greatly, resulting in the high cost of copper-aluminum composite radiators. 

Some consumers cannot afford it. Such products can only be produced for a certain group of consumer groups, can only occupy a small market, and can not reach the final popularity, and according to the heating principle of copper-aluminum composite radiators, China's heating quality is generally not High also affects the function of copper-aluminum composite radiator to a certain extent; the biggest bottleneck of steel radiators is the problem of heating water quality. So far, most of the industrial developed areas in China still use the 1970s. The water supply quality standard, and the high oxygen content water is more corrosive to the steel radiator, and our manufacturer has always been limited to passively solve this problem, that is, some anti-corrosion treatment of the radiator. However, this passive situation will soon be reversed with the new water supply quality standards introduced by the state. 

Once the water quality problem is solved, the bottleneck problem of the steel radiator will no longer exist, and its advantages will become more and more obvious. Again, from the perspective of national macro-control, the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” has clearly stipulated that in 2010, Beijing must make radiators mainly steel, and strive to account for more than 70% of the market. It can be seen that the steel radiator is the future development direction of China's radiators, and the development space is immeasurable.