Different applications of air heat exchangers

- Sep 28, 2018-

The common air heat exchangers on the market mainly include regenerative type, partition wall heat transfer type and direct heat transfer type. Let's take a look at it separately:

Direct heat transfer heat exchanger. A heat exchanger that does not require a heat transfer wall and is in direct contact with a hot fluid for heat exchange. Such heat exchangers are commonly used in industrial production.

1. Regenerative type: This type is intermittent heat transfer, in which it is a practical and effective way to recover waste heat in the waste heat regenerator, which is often used as a means of regulating waste heat of combustion gas and uneven amount of steam. .

Second, the wall heat transfer type: This type is a heat exchanger for the heat transfer operation of cold and hot fluid through the wall, plate and other wall heat exchange, it is the most common and most commonly used heat exchanger, cold and hot fluid They are all fluids, which can be air, smoke, steam, or water.

Third, the direct heat transfer type: This type of air heat exchanger is a heat exchanger that does not require heat transfer walls, it is a process in which the cold fluid is in direct contact with the hot fluid for heat exchange, and such heat exchangers are commonly used. In industrial production.