Does cleaning condenser coils help?

- Mar 13, 2019-

Does cleaning condenser coils help?

If clean condenser coil, have following advantages: 

1 Improve heat transfer efficiency After the air cooler is descaled, the heat transfer efficiency is greatly improved, and the normal operation of the air compressor is guaranteed. As shown in Table 3, the thermal conductivity of the scale is from a few tenths to a few hundredths of that of the steel sheet. Therefore, after descaling of the air cooler, the efficiency of the heat on the compressed air side is significantly increased to the side of the cooling water, and the temperature at which the air is discharged is greatly reduced. It can be seen from Table 1 and Table 2 that the air outlet temperature of the intercooler of the steam turbine air compressor unit is reduced from 51 ° C before descaling to 32 ° C after descaling; the compressed air discharge temperature of the end cooler is winter. It is also reduced from 55 °C before descaling to 25 °C after descaling. At the same time, after the descaling of the air cooler, the failure of the air compressor to discharge the temperature is too high and the automatic shutdown occurs, and the rated gas production capacity of the air compressor is obtained. Get a good guarantee.

This is very advantageous for ensuring the quality of raw materials and the continuous supply of sterile air for industrial production.

2.2 Saving power consumption After the dehumidification of the air compressor air cooler, the air compression process is close to the isothermal compression process, thus saving the air compressor power consumption. The thermal calculations designed by the air compressor are known [3], and the isothermal compression process consumes less work than other processes. The temperature of the intercooler exhaust gas has a significant impact on the energy consumption and compression ratio of the air compressor. It can be known from the multi-variable compression process that the air coming out from the front stage of the air compressor, after removing the excess heat through the decooled intercooler, reduces the temperature at which the gas enters the secondary compression and ends at the end of compression. The variable index value of air compression makes the compression process close to the isothermal process, thereby reducing power consumption. Therefore, the operation of the air compressor is more economical. After calculation, the dehumidifier of the air compressor can reduce the power consumption by about 6.2% before descaling.

2.3 Reducing the cooling water consumption After the air cooler is descaled, the utilization rate of the cooling water is greatly improved, and the cooling water consumption is greatly reduced. This reduces the need for air coolers to supply cooling water flow and pressure. According to statistics, the air-cooling scale of our steam turbine air compressor unit is about 400,000 tons of cooling water for more than one year. 

2.4 Improving the quality of compressed air After the descaling of the air cooler, the quality of the compressed air is increased, and the content of moisture in the compressed air is reduced. Obviously, this is a measure to strengthen the air purification system to cool down the dehumidification process, so that the air sent out is more dry and clean. The dehumidified air cooler cools the first-stage compressed hot air to the required temperature and then sends it to the secondary compression. Thus, the air discharged from the first stage compression is analyzed by a water having a medium moisture after passing through the intercooler, and is discharged by the gas water separator of the intercooler. At the same time, the secondary compressed air is cooled sufficiently by the descaling final cooler to reduce the temperature of the sent air, and the precipitated moisture is removed by the gas water separator of the final cooler. In this way, the air sent out by the two effective cooling separations is more dry.